Interior Designer: Massari Design

Shipyard: Rossinavi

The “N2H,” a motor yacht with an overall length of 48.68 meters, stands as a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of Italian builder Rossinavi, who launched this vessel in 2017. Recently, Massari Design had the privilege of overseeing the refit of MY “N2H,” creating a seamless fusion of modern luxury and timeless sophistication.

The primary objective of this redesign was to instil the yacht’s interior with a contemporary aesthetic, infusing warm and inviting elements into every detail. Massari Design’s approach focused on crafting a rich and welcoming colour palette that exudes an atmosphere of comfort and refinement throughout the interior guest areas.

Opting for a warm colour palette, characterized by earthy tones, soft neutrals, and subtle hints of luxurious accents, the design team aimed to create an ambiance that evokes a sense of tranquillity. The incorporation of a cosy floor brings a touch of nature into the yacht’s interior, while meticulous attention has been paid to the choice of fabrics, exploring different textures and consistencies, with a particular emphasis on the integration of terracotta, seamlessly blending with the general colour palette.

The refit of “N2H Elegance” stands as a testament to the successful amalgamation of contemporary design, warm aesthetics, and technological innovation. Through careful material selection and the introduction of a warm colour palette, coupled with the inclusion of leather details, Massari Design has transformed this motor yacht into a haven of luxury and style. Every journey aboard the “N2H” is now an exquisite experience, where modernity meets comfort in a symphony of elegance on the high seas.