Exterior Designer: The Italian Sea Group Centro Stile – Mattia Piro R&D Director, Gian Marco Campanino Art Director

Interior Designer: The Italian Sea Group Centro Stile – Mattia Piro R&D Director, Gian Marco Campanino Art Director

Shipyard: The Italian Sea Group

Photography: Courtesy of IYC, Arsi Sebastien Photographe

The world’s most futuristic luxury catamaran includes innovative design, eco-conscious features, and champagne- infused interiors, This Is It is a revolutionary motor catamaran that redefines luxury yachting.

The design of the ‘This Is It’ aims to redefine the concept of a motor catamaran, transcending conventional maritime architecture. The primary objective was to create a catamaran that embodied a captivating and seductive exterior, deviating from traditional norms. Inspired by the automotive world, particularly the lines of sport and powerful cars, the design emphasizes a minimalist approach. The allure lies not in excessive decoration but in carefully selected materials, echoing the luxury found in high-performance vehicles.

The architectural language of the catamaran deliberately rejects straight lines, embracing instead a fusion of shapes and cuts. This unconventional design choice symbolizes a harmonious connection between opposing elements— feminine and masculine, left and right. The catamaran structure incorporates both curved and straight cuts, creating a visually striking and balanced composition. A standout feature is the dining room on the main deck, designed as the catamaran’s focal point. Here, a monumental volcano-like structure descends from the ceiling.

The design seamlessly aims to challenge conventional norms while respecting the natural elements. The avoidance of straight lines and incorporation of fluid, random shapes mirror the dynamic nature of water. The balanced fusion of feminine and masculine elements symbolizes harmony, aligning with the fluidity of the sea. Additionally, the design’s automotive inspiration serves as a bridge between land and sea, creating a catamaran that resonates with both the open waters and the aesthetics of powerful cars. Overall, the design not only stands out but also complements and harmonizes with the broader maritime landscape, offering a refreshing and innovative addition to the seascape.