Exterior Designer: Tramontana Yachts

Interior Designer: Tramontana Yachts + Nataša Grujić, No.mad Design Studio

Shipyard: Tramontana Yachts

Photography: Srđan Tutić

Tramontana Yachts has set sail into the realm of luxury with its latest creation, the stunning yacht Scorpios. This custom-built 52-meter motor-sailer, designed for charter, is a testament to the company’s commitment to luxury, comfort, and the ultimate guest experience.

Collaborating with local designers and artisans, Tramontana Yachts has crafted a yacht that stands out in a sea of luxury vessels. Drawing inspiration from the name Scorpios, the design evokes imagery of flowing sand dunes, warm beige tones, and the seamless merging of desert and sky.

These elements have been meticulously integrated into the yacht’s interior and colour scheme, creating a space of unparalleled elegance and tranquillity. Wavy patterns adorn the cabin walls and salon, reminiscent of the dynamic nature of sand dunes, while tiles featuring a blend of beige and blue hues add understated sophistication.

Subtle golden touches mimic the sun’s rays, infusing the yacht with a sense of warmth and serenity. The result is an oasis of luxury that invites guests to indulge and relax in style.

As the design vision came to life, it became evident that every aspect of Scorpios was curated with the guest experience in mind. Feedback from guests and brokers alike has affirmed that the yacht embodies peace, luxury, and comfort, just as intended.

For Tramontana Yachts, the true highlight of the project lies not only in the aesthetics but in the experience it offers to guests. Scorpios is more than just a yacht; it is a sanctuary at sea, where luxury meets tranquillity, and every moment is a celebration of elegance and sophistication.