Name: The Challenger
Submitted By: Maksym Shein

The concept jet has been based on the Antonov-38 aeroplane, the grey colours used gives the jet a business feel, something which is suited to the clientèle. The surface space of the cabin is separated by panels of mahogany colour, the greys and browns complement each other, giving the plane an elegant and sophisticated finish. The jet has a good measure of comfort, including a bar, galley and wardrobe, this is ideal for passengers and also gives the crew serving, a good working area.

Furthermore, the form of the ceiling connects all the areas of the cabin. The idea of ceiling’s form is not only to give this jet a beautiful and contemporary décor but also as a safety aspect as the ceiling panel’s markings points the passengers attention to both the emergency exits. In addition to this safety feature, there is also lights running through the cabin along the floor in the centre which is also a welcome addition to the jets interior.

This concept jet is all about passenger convenience and what they get out of flying privately. Keeping the passengers entertained is one of the main focuses of the concept, each seat is equipped with its own in flight entertainment system and a personal space for each passenger. The safety and comfort of the passengers is always at the forefront of any designers mind, especially in the concept stage.