Name: Eight
Length Overall: 46m / 150ft, 11inches
Date Delivered: May 2015
Builder: CRN
Interior Designer: Solido Interior Design
Exterior Designer: Solido Interior Design
Naval Architect: CRN Engineering
Designer: Nuvolari Lenard
Exterior Stylist: Nuvolari Lenard
Interior Stylist: Solido Interior Design

Solido Interior Design created a timeless entity away from passing trends and style. The yacht stands out for the elegant profile, clean lines, the careful attention to detail, as well as a fine blend between classical style and highly original solutions. Spaces have contemporary and original styling, linked by extremely clean and harmonious lines, but, at the same time powerful and sophisticated in the clever combination of wood and fine leathers, glass assembled with inner copper foils, metal finely processed and rare marbles.

Eight’s interiors are characterized by chromatic, neutral, plain tones, which create the relaxing atmosphere that reigns on the decks, giving uniformity to spaces and emphasizing the search for minimalism and sophistication that led all the choices in the project implementation. Eight represents the balance between functionality and luxury, tradition and innovation and was designed to accomplish the owners’ dreams and desires, who wanted to have a layout that would facilitate the enjoyment of wide, bright spaces in order to form a close connection with the external environment.

Every single space, furniture and accessory has been redesigned following handcrafted methods and using the finest materials in a combination of functionality, class and style. The internal areas have been completely redesigned, removing the existing walls to create an open space that creates both a sociable and relaxing atmosphere. However, with special blackout technologies within the glass, guests can create private spaces when needed. Eight has the design of an open space master cabin like no other, by removing pre-existing bulkheads. All these elements help to create a perfect continuity between natural and artificial, external and internal, domestic and marine dimension, in a place where the guest can establish his or her own boundaries.