Name: Social
Ross Burns – AIM Altitude
Completion centre: AIM Altitude
Interior designer: Ross Burns
Exterior designer: N/A

This entry space removes the ideas of galleys in the entry way and moves them to the rear of the aircraft. This then leaves a larger welcome space for a ‘super’ business class environment to occupy. This layout promotes the ideas of ‘continuous’, ‘comfort’ & ‘sophistication’. The central flowing canopy forms a unique statement piece that the low height sofas cantilever from. This area really opens up the space to be used as a ‘relax’ zone rather than a typical working space. The interactive table illustrates flight data and travel information for passengers to discuss.

The Left side demonstrates two single low height sofa seats. This gives a smaller, comfortable break out zone to the side of the main area. The Right side illustrates two café style table areas where people can circulate around. A stretch of the legs is always a welcome alternative to sitting for long periods of time.

Each area has a very distinctive blend between hard and soft materials, wood to leather, this contrast is used to frame the seating areas, as a welcoming space to socialize. Dramatic lighting accompanies the zone to highlight the fluid nature of the shapes shown.
Exploring the customer experience vs typical crew operations. Flying should not just be a means to get to a destination it should be a large part of the ‘journey’.
The designs work well because they provoke interest and challenge some ideas of commercial aviation. The ideas presented here are based on viable solutions and therefore through development could be implemented to modern aircraft platforms.