Project Name: Gypse Wall Panels
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: Jallu Ebénistes
Designer: Sandra & Yann Jallu

Gypse (Gypsum or Selenite) is an opaque white, crystal like, soft stone that Jallu Ebénistes use as a finish on furniture and more recently wall panels within superyachts. The designer’s sunburst gypse panels are completely custom made, they cut the stones in their workshop creating the sunburst patterns. Gypse wall panels can be installed by the artisans or Jallu Ebénistes can coordinate the installation with the shipyards.

The designer’s admiration of Jean-Michel Frank’s iconic gypse cabinet was said to be their motivation to explore this material, he only made one gypse cabinet, but it is the inspiration behind a lot of what Sandra & Yann Jallu now create. It has been many years and many projects since their first gypse cabinet and now they consider themselves to be the leading expert in gypse furniture and one of the only ateliers with this unique savoir faire. Jallu Ebénistes know it is a special challenge to harmonise the technical with the aesthetic to create a functional piece of gypse furniture door or wall panel.

Gypse creates a perfect finish, it is very durable and not sensitive to temperature or humidity. Its shimmery brilliance is impossible to replicate. The artisans who work with the gypse to create furniture and wall panels are master furniture makers. The designers also train the makers the technique for their atelier.