Project Name: Luminescent Staircase Chandelier
Date Completed: June 2017
Submitted By: Crystal Caviar
Name of Vessel: M/Y Nerissa 47.5 Metres, built by Bilgin Yachts
Designer: Crystal Caviar in cooperation with H2 Yacht Design and Ilkay Dovan

The Luminescent staircase chandelier was designed, manufactured and installed for M/Y Nerissa for the central staircase within the yacht. Crystal Caviar were approached with an accurate idea which included several problems to solve; the chandelier had to be 5.6 metres long, it had to have a luminescent effect, and create light not only by an electric light source but also be suspended under the skylight.

The result of the designer’s work is completely new and unique technology of ‘luminescent glass’ on the chandelier which perfectly fits into the whole design of the yacht and is made especially for a marine environment. The chandelier is compiled from 189 glass components which are firmly connected to each other by sticks made from polished stainless steel. These sticks serve partly to add to the design effect whilst also partly fixing the glass parts to avoid rattle.

To achieve the minimalistic look but maximize optical effect of the glass at the same time, each glass component is compiled from two parts made of two different types of glass. The inside part is smooth with luminescent effect, which was achieved through luminescent lacquer, and the external part is made from knurled glass to achieve a 3D effect of every component. During the night, the clients can still light up the chandelier by four special light reflectors, however, when you turn it off, the chandelier will still glow.

Crystal Caviar’s key aspect of this piece is its luminescent effect. The chandelier is not only a well-made design piece, but its light exudes through the entire interior of the yacht, similar to a pearl shining in the night. Thanks to the luminescent effect you can see so many new light reflections, shades and colours in the glass. The chandelier is a result of Crystal Caviar’s years of experience with lighting products made in the name of Bohemian glass craftmanship. Luminescent was made taking into consideration the marine environment, whilst adhering to the customers’ wish of a sophisticated interior. The interior of M/Y Nerissa was designed with light colours, using modern elements with stainless steel.

A challenge that the designers faced when installing the chandelier was that it had to be fitted under the skylight. Crystal caviar have a highly skilled team with years of experience of installation on board yachts. Therefore, all problematic parts of the project were solved quickly by their team. The glass components were handmade by glass craftsmen in local glass workshops. M/Y Nerissa was on show at Monaco Yacht Show 2017, for this project Crystal Caviar also produced another chandelier named Blanket. This piece was installed in the dining room along with two crystal sculptures – the first made by Bohemian glass artist Mr. Vlastimil Beránek and the second by his student Mr. Jaroslav Prošek.

Crystal Caviar is a renowned Czech company with headquarters in the heart of Bohemian glass craftsmanship in Northern Bohemia. They specialise in the creation of unique glass products for yachts – art chandeliers, crystal sculptures, lamps, glass walls and special Crystal Caviar tiles. All products are manufactured to the highest quality and they are 100% safe for the moving yacht environment. Their team of designers, craftsmen and installation specialists cooperates with leading yacht designers and shipyards.

“We are very proud that we have successfully completed so many yacht projects without any need of reparation. Our products are safe, beautiful, well – crafted and perfectly fit to the designers idea of the room“ says Marek Landa, owner of the company.