Project Name: New Khmer
Date Completed: 2017
Submitted By: Jim Thompson (The Thai Silk Company)
Designer: Jim Thompson Design Team

The New Khmer Collection, featuring Thai silk that is rich in texture, is one of Jim Thompson’s traditional all-time best sellers. A medium weight, hand-woven two-ply silk, New Khmer challenges the traditional practice of using the same silk yarn in the warp and weft. New Khmer is constructed entirely by hand with 100% silk.

The beauty of this fabric lies in its weave; it takes considerable talent and experience to achieve just the right tension in the warp. At 54 inches in width, New Khmer is also 6 inches wider than the standard. The collection offers an impressive selection of 69 colours; some such as ivory, plum, brick and blue, metallic hues reflecting new trends. Other colours consist of most desired and recommended colour choices.

New Khmer features a novel design approach in which the silk thread in the warp differs in nature with the silk thread in the weft. The technique results in a highly lustrous fabric that is smooth and silky in its overall appearance and feel, and yet it is interspersed with intermittent ‘slubs’, the occasional ‘bumps’ typically associated with heavier 4-ply and 6-ply silk such as the popular Mekong. However, this collection is noticeably lighter in weight, making it a good choice for upholstery and curtains.

With four international showrooms, Jim Thompson works with the leading interior designers and architects around the world on the most exclusive projects. Currently they have many customers within the Yacht and Aviation industry and would like to share the fabrics that have been popular amongst this category.