Project Name: SWIM
Date Completed: March 2017
Submitted By: F.lli Razeto e Casareto S.p.a
Designer: Giangi Razeto
Vessel: Majesty 140 by Majesty Yachts

SWIM is a sculpted door handle reproduced as a limited edition in frozen crystal glass for Majesty Yachts, made exclusively for the shipyard. The SWIM door handle takes inspiration from the Free Go handles range, in particular Free Go CULT, a brass sculpture for doors. Free Go is a line of multifunctional door handles with interchangeable grips. Razeto e Casareto highlight the luminous handles with safety, management and entertainment features. The SWIM model is made from brass. Fluidity is the key factor of this design; Giangi Razeto has grinded the model from solid brass simulating the water flow on the metal which resulted in the swimming mermaid shape of the handle. The designer was looking for a fluid shape to reproduce in frozen crystal glass in order to be illuminated and that could give a sensual feeling to the eye when glowing in the dark, as well as to the hand when opening the door.

When not illuminated SWIM features a simple and fluid shape, when illuminated it features interesting applications such as safety: addressing guests to the door in the dark and in the event of a black out or panic. The handle can also assist with management: communicating service information to the crew through universal chromatic codes, and entertainment: creating magic lighting scenarios on the door controlled by the dedicated app or by the domotic system. The design is peculiar, not common but still somehow classic and classy in the matt chrome finish and ‘frozen’ crystal.

SWIM is fluid, sensual, iconic and does not scream ‘look at me’. It elegantly becomes part of the door melting with wood and leather. A door handle is a little accessory, the sum of all accessories makes the yacht; the attention to all details is crucial when it comes to luxury and Superyachts.