For 2023 AERISTO is pleased to introduce its expanded, decorative leather perforation services. The tenured leather supplier, already known for its bespoke quilting and embroidery services, has invested in this latest, state-of-the-art technology to further its reputation as the design leader in the leather industry.

Customers are now able to choose from over 50 standard perforation tools to create a truly unique and meaningful design. Designs may utilize any combination of punch tools to further expand on the complexity, whether for detailed fades or simply the creation of iconic patterns. AERISTO has a design team of technical artists on staff to facilitate in the creation of any preferred design, as well as the placement of such a design on the intended application.

AERISTO’s customer base of designers, OEMs and respective sub-contractors do not only have access to this high precision technology, but also to the company’s in-house design team who will facilitate in the process of turning one’s ideas into reality. No matter how simple or complex a desired design may be, an individual approach is taken on every project to ensure the highest level of quality.  AERISTO’s services allow designers to create new designs to complement existing or any other design cues from the overall project.