Designer: Russell Bomhoff

Photography: Jose Beltran

Bomhoff Limited is excited to present Sun King, a prototype monument made specifically for VVIP aircraft interiors, and alternatively can be utilised as yacht or residential furniture. The design objective of Sun King was to create a piece of furniture that was functional and durable while also being aesthetically notable. The cabinet exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The juxtaposition of finely laid gold leaf accents on the black veneer creates a bold opulence. Constructed from lightweight aviation grade honeycomb, the monument is intended to exist as a flagship monument, or to compliment a larger piece such as a bed or seating arrangement. A flat top allows for a serving tray or other adornment to occupy the surface. The doors swing all the way open allowing the passenger to access the full volume of the cabinet for storage. Also built with versatility in mind, original iterations of the cabinet incorporated a pop-up beverage and snack bar. A minimalist interior was ultimately chosen to maximize carrying space for baggage or linens. A single shelf divides the ample interior space covered with a neutral wool grospoint fabric.

Taking inspiration from nature, the cabinet is emblematic of the sun moving over the horizon while casting its rays through the air. The crossing bends of the lines are suggestive of the curved nature of both the horizon as well as the smooth and flowing form of an aircraft exterior. The high gloss finish adds to the bright nature of the piece while also helping to bring out the very fine details of each ray. The thin marquetry pieces all project their own unique texture and colour characteristics. While the overall form factor of the cabinet is uniform and congruent, upon further inspection the eyes pick up on the chaotic differences amongst the wood rays and the hand-crafted sun. Like nature, there is both chaos and uniformity to be found in its design.

As the main theme of the cabinet is light, incorporating lighting technologies into the cabinet, was appropriate to complement the static nature of the veneer work. Programable LED lighting in both the interior and the toe kick surround create an ambience that allows the cabinet to truly shine in whatever cabin it is placed in.

The hard-shell cabinet is darker in colour yet radiates a sense of brilliance and warmth. This perspective is only amplified when inspecting the cabinet up close, as when reaching down to gain access to the inside. The design is relatively reserved, but far from boring. It presents as an interesting piece from afar but becomes ever more intricate and detailed the closer you get. Despite the symmetry, or perhaps because of it, its subtleties only become more mesmerizing over time.