Designer: Lucas Colombo

Associated: KiPcreating

Since the very start, the project aimed to execute a timeless and exceptional ca. 80m yacht design that achieves the cleanest speed form possible without compromising functionality.

The design was meant to be “unforgettable,” with a strong identity, outstanding proportions, and a dominant-looking blade-shaped vertical bow that “cuts” the water mass perfectly, reducing hydro and aerodynamic drag coefficients along the hull’s shell.

Despite its super-sporty appearance scope, the yacht needed to offer generous spaces and the best possible amenities for its 12 guests and 18/20 crew members, including a comfortable bar and pool area, plus a 12-seat theater, a gym, a sauna, and a floating beach club in the central area of the lower deck. The yacht’s stern was designed to offer a fully openable deck with a 12-guest ultra-luxury round table, another generous beach club behind the 27′ tender, and a water toys garage, allowing guests to enjoy social events at almost the waterline level.

The main deck features a generous pool and accommodation for ten guests, including a dining area. The upper deck was designed to maximize space comfort for the owners and includes a rear balcony with a spiral stair leading to the sky lounge for complete privacy in the jacuzzi area. The sky lounge can also be accessed by the main central stair and an elevator for social events, and it also features a touch & go helipad. 

Overall, this 79m yacht design needs to guarantee an unforgettable luxury experience in every possible case.

“Unique 79” seeks a perfect balance between rational and emotional values, without compromises. Combining these two elements, it creates a strong contrast and flavour, resulting in a spectacular vision. This design reflects the team’s belief that balance is always essential, especially between art and functionality.  

The result is a yacht that looks visually stunning and functions flawlessly. The attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, and the willingness to push boundaries have all contributed to the success of this design.