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1 Hotel Mayfair
by G.A Group & Studio Moren

1 Hotel Mayfair

by G.A Group

& Studio Moren

Shortlisted: Bar/Club/Lounge - Global Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024
G.A Group

G.A Group & Studio Moren have unveiled Dover Yard, a new bar in the heart of Mayfair, setting a new standard for sustainability and luxury in the vibrant London district.

Responding to the creative challenge of merging sustainability with opulence, Dover Yard provides a comfortable and exciting space for patrons to rest and play. The design focuses on craftsmanship, natural materials, and a celebration of nature, in line with the ethos of 1 Hotel.

Collaborating closely with skilled artisans, G.A Group & Studio Moren aimed to craft an environment that is both comfortable and tranquil, while presenting a refined, pared-back aesthetic with an emphasis on meticulous detailing. Authenticity is at the heart of the design philosophy, reflected not only in the artisans’ contributions but also in the carefully selected materiality used throughout the space.

The interior design encourages activation of the space, with a large bar counter allowing mixologists to bring theatre and a personal touch to their craft. Thoughtfully styled full-height shelving connects the bar visually to the hotel’s internal circulation, while a raised deck area at the back provides interest and flexibility for group reservations.

The palette of the bar takes on darker, moodier tones compared to other public spaces, using natural materials such as leathers sourced as by-products of the meat industry. Furniture is carefully considered for maximum operational flexibility, incorporating natural materials like lava stone and timber slice tabletops to create interest and contrast while maintaining the narrative centered around nature.

G.A Group
G.A Group

A double-sided fireplace made from Yorkshire stone adds warmth and comfort, while a feature glass vitrine atop the bar displays a bespoke commissioned art piece by British artist Kate MccGwire, creating a captivating focal point and conversation starter for patrons.

Dover Yard sets a new standard for sustainable luxury in Mayfair, offering a sophisticated and environmentally-conscious space for patrons to enjoy exquisite drinks and socialise in style.

Exterior: AHMM

Fit Out: Studio Moren

Interior Design: G.A Group

Hotel Group: SH Hotels

Developer: Crosstree Real Estate Partners

Construction: County Contractors

Photography: Mikkel Vang

Studio Moren & G.A Group has been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

G.A Group
G.A Group
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