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TIAD, Autograph Collection, Nagoya by A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd.

TIAD, Autograph Collection, Nagoya

by A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd.

Shortlisted: Hotel Under 200 Rooms - Global Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024
A.N.D. Nomura

A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd. unveil the TIAD, AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION, a luxurious 150-room hotel nestled in the heart of Nagoya city. Overlooking a picturesque park adorned with lush greenery, the hotel’s name ‘TIAD,’ standing for ‘Tomorrow is an Another Day,’ epitomizes its unique approach to offering guests a refreshingly radiant and comfortable environment.

Embracing the concept of “Biophilia Nest,” the interior design seamlessly integrates greenery from the adjacent park into the hotel’s interior. This design ethos aims to establish a symbolic connection with nature, allowing visitors to experience an immersive relationship with the natural world despite the hotel’s central urban location.

The hotel’s expansive restaurant, banquet hall with scenic park views, alluring chapel, and pool areas epitomise the fusion of organic elements and modern design. A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd. strived to infuse organic forms and natural materials into a contemporary setting while incorporating local motifs and traditional crafts, thereby deeply rooting the hotel within the community.

Playing a pivotal role from the architectural design phase, A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd. collaborated closely with the architects to materialize their interior design proposals. This collaborative approach resulted in the creation of symbolic spaces that seamlessly blend the interior and exterior aspects of the hotel, such as the semi-outdoor pool merging with the park’s greens and the wood-themed chapel surrounded by numerous ambient lights.

A.N.D. Nomura
A.N.D. Nomura

The hotel’s ground floor entrance facing the park warmly welcomes guests with a mesmerising bird’s nest artwork. Inside, the reception lobby on the fifth floor boasts luxurious, organic shapes inspired by the history and nature of Aichi Prefecture. Guests are enchanted by the terrace’s scenic park views and water features on this floor. Notably, the hotel’s symbolic space is the 10-meter-high chapel on the third floor, designed with gentle wood elements and a multitude of lights.

A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd. impeccably captured the essence of the area by incorporating design motifs inspired by local ingredients and crafts, showcasing a profound connection with the region throughout the hotel’s interior design.

Location: Japan

Interior Designer: A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd

Architect: Shimizu Corp.

Hotel Group: Nihon Ceremony Co., Ltd.

Associated: Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants

Photography: Masato Kawano/ Nakasa & Partners, Takanori Hikosaka/ SS Co., Ltd.

A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd. has been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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