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Av Beach House Jadrija
by Architect Ante Vrban Ltd

Av Beach House Jadrija

by Architect Ante Vrban Ltd

Shortlisted: Beach House - Global Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Architect Ante Vrban’s residence stands as a testament to his architectural vision, meticulously crafted to provide solace and seclusion amidst its surroundings. Conceptualized as a pavilion that seamlessly integrates with its environment, this dwelling embodies the essence of adaptability, akin to that of a chameleon. Situated in Jadrija, a revered seaside locale nestled on a man-made peninsula at the entrance of the Saint Anthony channel in Šibenik, Croatia, this abode holds significance as a registered architectural gem within Croatia’s protected cultural heritage sites.

The design ethos of this abode centers on openness and luminosity, achieved through the extensive use of reflective glass that harmoniously blends with the coastal panorama, creating an illusionary “chameleon” effect. Architect Vrban’s vision was to strike a delicate balance between seclusion and openness, ensuring ample privacy while fostering an unobstructed connection with the serene vistas of the sea and the enchanting pine groves adorning the shoreline.

In terms of construction, the roof slab features a subtle inclination towards the pavilion’s rear, meticulously coated with a two-component polyurethane liquid membrane to ensure durability and weather resistance. The pristine white hue not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose by reflecting a significant portion of sunlight, thereby mitigating internal heat accumulation and fostering a comfortable living environment amidst fluctuating temperatures.

Moreover, comprehensive insulation measures, both internally and externally, underscore Architect Vrban’s commitment to achieving optimal thermal regulation and energy efficiency throughout the dwelling, thereby exemplifying his dedication to the principles of sustainable design and architectural excellence.

Location: Croatia

Architect/Interior Design: Ante Vrban

Photography: Ante Vrban

Architect Ante Vrban Ltd shortlisted for Beach House – Global Award in  The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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