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Dune House
by Architecture Saville Isaacs

Dune House

by Architecture Saville Isaacs

Shortlisted: Beach House Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Architecture Saville Isaacs

Situated on the dune-side of the beachfront, this holiday retreat, conceptualised and executed by Architecture Saville Isaacs, replaces an outdated weekender with a contemporary home designed to encapsulate the essence of beachside living. The clients, inspired by cherished family memories of holidays spent there, envisioned a space that would mark a new chapter in their lives post-retirement.

The architectural design is a testament to the practice’s commitment to people living in harmony with their environment. Rather than a sweeping, generic nod to the view, the house engages with the exterior in a varied and intimate manner. Divided into two wings or pavilions, the spaces enclose a central courtyard featuring a fire-pit and a spa. The front wing, oriented towards the street, welcomes extended family, guests, and potential renters, while the rear wing, facing the beach, is a dedicated space for the clients.

Terraces and roof gardens grace each wing, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by the natural surroundings of the dune, the landscape design of the roof gardens elevates and integrates the coastal environment into the interior.

A breezeway serves as a semi-open corridor, connecting all spaces and offering both visual connection from the street to the ocean and an inviting pathway to embrace the beachfront lifestyle.

Embracing passive climatic design strategies, the house maintains stable indoor temperatures with minimal use of heating and cooling. Natural ventilation, coupled with protection from harsh afternoon winds, contributes to a comfortable environment. Sustainability takes center stage with rainwater and bore water harvesting, low VOC and non-toxic materials, hydronic floor heating, and thoughtful recycling considerations.

Architecture Saville Isaacs
Architecture Saville Isaacs

The tactile quality of materials is a focal point, featuring a consistent palette of copper roofs, raw or recycled timber, polished concrete floors, and a special rendering finish on the walls. The design prioritises raw, robust, low-maintenance, and recyclable materials.

In a celebration of the quintessential Australian experience—sand, surf, and family gatherings—Architecture Saville Isaacs has crafted a beach haven that goes beyond the ordinary, seamlessly integrating dynamic spatial and environmental relationships.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Architect: Steven Isaacs, Lisa Saville, Su Jin Kim

Construction: Chase Projects

Photography: Kata Bayer

Architecture Saville Isaacs has been shortlisted for the Beach House Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

Architecture Saville Isaacs

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