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ARTEXPLORER by Axel de Beaufort,
Perini Navi – The Italian Sea Group


by Axel de Beaufort

& Perini Navi – The Italian Sea Group

Shortlisted: Deck Design Award

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards
Axel de Beaufort

Axel de Beaufort & Perini Navi present “ARTEXPLORER,” the largest sailing catamaran globally, a groundbreaking vessel, setting new benchmarks in luxury and performance across the open waters.

Leveraging their extensive experience in offshore racing, the studio has meticulously crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates performance, elegance, and functionality. With an all-encompassing involvement in every facet, including naval architecture, exterior and interior design, as well as decoration, the team has achieved a harmonious and comprehensive design.

ArtExplorer’s naval architecture stands as a testament to innovation and precision. Drawing inspiration from esteemed racing figure Guillaume Verdier, the use of high-precision computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools has resulted in a groundbreaking design. The catamaran boasts a remarkably thin underwater hull shape and an unprecedented long keel layout, pioneering unexplored dimensions in sailing.

At the core of ArtExplorer lies a narrative of timeless elegance and sophistication. Each line and contour is meticulously crafted, reflecting a vessel that transcends the mere idea of transportation. Every detail, from the external aesthetics to the interior ambiance, has been meticulously curated to set an entirely new standard in catamaran luxury.

More than just a vessel, ArtExplorer is an artistic marvel. Collaboration with world-renowned artisans, each a master of their craft, has led to the use of the finest fabrics, carefully selected woodwork, and meticulous craftsmanship, creating a space where every aspect is a testament to discreet luxury.

While exuding opulence, the Art Explorer remains equally functional. The interior layout caters to both passengers and crew, offering a blend of comfort, convenience, and panoramic views. State-of-the-art technology has been seamlessly integrated to elevate the entire journey.

Axel de Beaufort
Axel de Beaufort

The success of this design can be attributed to its holistic approach, where the designer’s involvement in every aspect of the project, from naval architecture to interior decoration, ensures a cohesive and unified vision. This synergy between form and function underscores not only the yacht’s aesthetics but also its optimal performance.

Axel de Beaufort’s all-encompassing role in shaping this exemplary vessel has paved the way for a remarkable integration of artistry, innovation, and functionality within the world of yachting.

Exterior Designer: Axel de Beaufort

Naval Architect: Guillaume Verdier

Interior Designer: Axel de Beaufort

Shipyard: Perini Navi – The Italian Sea Group

Photography: Benoit Linero, Max Molth

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