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ARTEXPLORER by Perini Navi – The Italian Sea Group


by Perini Navi
– The Italian Sea Group

Shortlisted: Sailing Yacht

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards
Perini Navi

The Italian Sea Group introduces the ARTEXPLORER, a monumental feat in the maritime world as the largest sailing catamaran globally, spanning an impressive 46.5 meters. This exceptional vessel serves a dual purpose, seamlessly transitioning from a luxurious charter mode to a groundbreaking cultural platform that circumnavigates the globe.

Overshadowing all predecessors in size, the ARTEXPLORER embodies the vision of Axel de Beaufort Studio, overseeing every facet from naval architecture to comprehensive design and interior decoration. This holistic approach has achieved a harmonious and unified design across the entire catamaran. The ARTEXPLORER’s naval architecture is a testament to innovation and precision, underpinned by Axel de Beaufort’s esteemed racing background, propelling them to push the boundaries of conventional design.

Central to the ARTEXPLORER’s essence is an ethos of timeless elegance and sophistication, reflecting chic at its finest. Every curve and contour exudes grace, culminating in a sailing catamaran that transcends the conventional notion of transportation. Axel de Beaufort meticulously curated every detail, from the exterior aesthetics to the interior environment, setting unprecedented standards.

The ARTEXPLORER goes beyond being a mere vessel; it stands as an artistic masterpiece. Collaborating with the world’s most skilled artisans, Axel de Beaufort sourced the finest fabrics and meticulously selected woods, leveraging their expertise to create a space where every detail embodies craftsmanship and discreet luxury.

Perini Navi
Perini Navi

While epitomising opulence, the ARTEXPLORER remains inherently functional. The interior layout is thoughtfully designed to accommodate both passengers and crew, emphasizing comfort, convenience, and panoramic views. Advanced technology seamlessly integrates into the sailing experience, enriching every aspect of the journey.

The distinctive hallmark of this project lies in its unique modularity, seamlessly transforming from a pinnacle of yachting luxury during charter mode to an innovative cultural platform for the ART EXPLORA Foundation. This groundbreaking sailing catamaran will revolutionise the art of sailing, evolving into the world’s first sailing museum. Complemented by architect Jean Michel Wilmotte’s harborside villages and an impressive daily visitor capacity of 2,500, it represents a pioneering fusion of art, culture, and maritime excellence.

Exterior Designer: Axel de Beaufort

Naval Architect: Guillaume Verdier

Interior Designer: Axel de Beaufort

Shipyard: Perini Navi – The Italian Sea Group

Photography: Benoit Linero, Max Molth

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