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BelAir Lounge
by Avenue Interior Design

BelAir Lounge

by Avenue Interior Design

Shortlisted: Restaurant Global Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

Avenue Interior Design has transformed Bel Aire, situated adjacent to the vibrant main lobby of Durango Casino and Resort, into an enchanting haven that caters to guests’ innate desires for escape and indulgence. Drawing inspiration from global travels and the picturesque desert landscape, the space radiates sophistication, simplicity, and softness.

The focal point of this restaurant oasis is a breathtaking central bar enveloped in undulating wood paneling and highly figured Jurassic onyx, serving as the social hub. A sculptural brass chandelier above imparts emphasis and a soft inviting glow, while casual seating groups surrounding the bar provide various ways for guests to engage and be seen. Gilded alcoves, adorned with a hand-painted banana leaf motif, anchor the space, and plaster wainscot walls contribute a subtle layer of texture. Lush plantings both inside and on the covered patio infuse a tropical flair, and an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage-inspired furniture imparts a sophisticated sensibility. Hand-tufted inset area rugs and a expansive wall-mounted fireplace enhance the sense of cozy intimacy, while irreverent contemporary art pays homage to the celebratory atmosphere.

Bel Aire Backyard extends beyond the covered patio, revealing a captivating view of the lively pool deck. Featuring two full-service bars, a dining patio, 10 cabanas, and 3 VIP cabanas, it becomes a sought-after destination for guests to lounge, take a dip, and savor a cold beverage. A signature color palette and distinct striped upholstery give Bel Aire Backyard a effortlessly cool identity, with custom ceramic tile mosaics in each cabana providing unexpected pops of color and design. Abundant in space and adorned cabanas, it stands as an ideal retreat for sun lounging and vibrant social gatherings.

Thoughtful layers of architectural and accent lighting accentuate moments of bold contrast, while decorative lighting adds a touch of splendor. Whether a first-time visitor or a local regular, guests are instantly transported to an architectural oasis—an ideal backdrop for gathering and unwinding. Avenue Interior Design’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that Bel Aire stands as a captivating space for a diverse clientele.

Location: USA

Architect: Friedmutter Group

Interior Design: Avenue Interior Design

Hotel Group: Station Casinos

Construction: W.A Richardson Builders

Photography: Clint Jenkins

Avenue Interior Design has been shortlisted for Restaurant Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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