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The Best of Aviation Design Vol. VI


Greenpoint curated Ascend’s interior for the distinguished executive client chasing a balanced lifestyle. The inspiration for the design concept began with the client’s desire to update their priorities, focusing on the luxury of time and presence. Designed to be the client’s digital concierge, Ascend provides a new dimension of performance that swiftly transitions to serenity.

Ascent is a full lie-flat seat developed for widebody aircraft bringing luxury automotive seating standards to commercial aviation passengers by Adient Aerospace.

Adient Aerospace is a joint venture between Adient and the Boeing Company. Adient is a world leader in automotive seating, they drew upon their automotive expertise and heritage in comfort and craftsmanship to design a business class seat with function and finishes unlike any other Business Class product flying today.

The Precedent is an entirely new form of private aviation inside and out. Fuelled by hydrogen and designed for any lifestyle, this aircraft could be your lavish party in the sky, business trip, or family vacation.

In 2035, when flying cars have saturated the world’s most sumptuous cities, what autonomous VTOL will the top 1% be soaring above in? This was the brief for Merril Design – to create an entirely new form of aircraft for the year 2035. The designer wanted to produce something that not only changed how thing usually look but more importantly, changes the experience. The Precedent became that exactly.


What projects are you currently working on?
I’m designing concept interiors of Textron Aviation’s private jets. Outside of that I am always sketching concept cars and crazy interiors just for fun. I also usually have a painting I’m working on.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
I want to continue to become the best designer I can be. Working at Textron Aviation is an amazing opportunity for me to grow and expand my talents. The people I work for here want to look towards the future and become even more prominent leaders not just in this industry but in the design world. I want to lead that wave. Everyday I am trying to get better at modeling and diversify my skills and the softwares I use. I try to live like tomorrow is five years away. What can I do today to make me a better person and designer?

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021

Applications are now in their final weeks for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

2021 marks the 11th Anniversary of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, which promises to identify and reward the world’s best Aviation design. The Awards are recognised as the “premier of the very top class in design, not only with industry professionals, designers but also with VIP clientele. To have a product be judged and recognized by such an esteemed community is extraordinary.”

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