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The Best of Europe (Residential)

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021:

ESQVTA Make The 2021 Shortlist

When intervening in a space such as this apartment, one should not interfere with the existing architecture. More than to propose, it was necessary to omit, to refurbish and integrate. It was essential to intervene in this apartment in the most clean and silent manner to better respond to its new needs.

Shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global and Interior Design Scheme – Global

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Designer In Profile: Vaida Zemaityte, Owner and Principal Designer of Cle de Maison

Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc).

I received my formal education of interior design from College in Lithuania. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. My first official job after graduation was at my professor’s architectural firm. Now I can say that she was my mentor and somehow pushed me to start my own career. For several years I worked individually and in 2016 opened my own design studio which specialized in residential design. I am fortunate to have fantastic clients and team – they help to bring my idea of design to a larger audience.

Look Back At 2019

MG26 By JSH Algarve – The challenge for Algarve Architecture was to substantially upgrade a 40-year-old house with no architectural merit (previously described disparagingly as a ‘flintstone’ house), albeit on a very attractive site, on a relatively limited budget.

The first major decision was to build a huge freestanding wall from the existing front elevation of the house, with a large central sliding wooden door. This bold architectural statement achieved four things: firstly, it produced privacy for the entrance of the house. Secondly, it gave a sense of presence and style to the house, previously lacking. Thirdly, it visually brought the house forward and therefore closer to the center of the site. And lastly, the double height wooden door, leading through a new desert garden to the main door of the house, produced a sense of arrival.

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021

Applications are now open for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021. 

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