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The Best of Middle East & Africas (Residential) vol. 4

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021: Volume IV

Galina Maly Interior Design Makes The Shortlist

Located in the centre of Netanya and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Seaside Penthouse is a uniquely designed contemporary residence that offers all the features one would expect and a few that surpass every expectation.
Galina Maly Interior Design took inspiration mainly from the sea – from velvet soft on a sunny morning to raging black with the winds thrashing or sandstorms when everything turns into a yellow haze.

Shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Gobal, Cityspace – Global & Interior Design Scheme – Global

Designer in Profile: Lora Bergiy of Dubai Design Group by Lora Bergiy

How would you describe your personal design style?

As a professional designer I don’t stick on particular style, because I’m always realising the dream of my clients. Personally, I love styles without border: from eco-minimalism to overwhelming luxury. My 3 decades experience of daily practice allows me to balance and deliver any style my clients wish.

Look Back At 2017: Winning Project

Sonia Ashoor and her design team were inspired by the Iznik tiles of the Ottoman Empire and the beautiful manuscripts of the Safavid Dynasty. They dissected colours, patterns and glazes of these tiles to create artistic lacquer art panels throughout the residence. The manuscripts inspired the space planning, creating a story of meandering spaces with a feel of overlap, transparency and calculated views. Its intricate writings and illuminations of both manuscript and tiles, inspired the calligraphy in both the stone and lacquer panels.

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021

Applications are now open for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021.

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