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The Male & Female House
by BQ Architects

The Male & Female House

by BQ Architects

Shortlisted: Residential Project Value £1m - £2.5m Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

BQ Architects designed two double-storey dwellings on a 440-square-metre allotment, balancing the unique needs of diverse occupants: the principal architect in one home and a young family in the other. This dual-purpose project harmonises masculinity and femininity, reflecting the distinct energies of its residents. The Male home features raw, minimalist interiors with a monotone palette, while the family’s dwelling offers warmth with soft colour schemes and Hampton-inspired casework. This blend of styles within a contemporary facade exemplifies BQ Architects’ multi-layered design approach.

The project’s constrained site necessitated meticulous planning to ensure high living standards, comfort, and a visually striking and distinctive facade. Each dwelling’s tailored design achieves a polished interior, providing a bespoke living experience. Notably, the development attained a 7-star energy rating, surpassing industry standards and showcasing its commitment to sustainability.

The front facade, designed as a cohesive architectural entity, features charred timber battens and metal cladding, creating a monolithic aesthetic. One garage seamlessly integrates into the structure, while a recessed entryway intrigues passersby and harmonises with the neighbourhood character. BQ Architects’ minimalist design approach contributes to the evolving identity of the street and suburb, promoting a cohesive visual narrative.

Strategic spatial planning ensures optimal solar exposure and natural ventilation through side courtyards and generous setbacks, enhancing environmental performance year-round. This project exemplifies BQ Architects’ ability to navigate site limitations and regulatory parameters, delivering a harmonious coexistence of contrasting energies within a unified, sustainable design.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Architect: BQ Architects

Developer: BQ Architects

BQ Architects has been shortlisted for the Residential Project Value £1m – £2.5m Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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