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Tapei Residence The Artful Essence
by Celia Chu Design & Associates

Tapei Residence The Artful Essence

by Celia Chu Design & Associates

Shortlisted: Luxury Residence - Asia Pacific Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Nestled within a natural landscape, this 265-square-meter high-end service apartment exemplifies refined interior design, a testament to the collaboration between an elegant homeowner and renowned interior designer Celia Chu. 

The living room features a meticulously crafted marquetry wall and a luxurious gold leaf glass-crafted fireplace, complemented by thought-provoking installation art. These elements create a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. The homeowner’s love for tea is evident, as it weaves through the apartment like an artist’s brushstrokes, with each tea ceremony infusing the space with a unique atmosphere. 


The owner’s prized wine cellar, alongside an artistic bar counterfurther elevates the apartment’s ambiance to a transcendent level.

Maintaining an elegant color palette of blue and green, the master bedroom embodies sophistication with its blend of modern and classical design elements. Each morning is greeted by the artistic interplay of silver and gold leaf glass, exuding an air of nobility. The shoe room and walk-in closet, reminiscent of a jewelry box, epitomize elegance, featuring cabinets that serve both as showcases and storage. This design allows the female owner and fashion designer to plan stunning ensembles for evening events.

The bathroom enhances daily routines with an artful bathtub, marble mosaic floors, and mother-of-pearl wall mosaics, transforming the space into a private home spa with the addition of a massage bed. This dedication to elegance and comfort highlights the apartment’s luxurious appeal.

Innovative technologies, such as the artful use of glass and marble, push the boundaries of traditional design, while the emphasis on sustainable building practices underscores a commitment to responsible architecture. Celia Chu’s design not only celebrates artistic splendor but also prioritizes environmental preservation.

Location: Taiwan

Interior Design: Celia Chu / Design Team: Rebecca Tsai, Gillian Yeap, Teddy Lee, Anne C. Lin, Ru Huang, Hank Hsieh

Photography: Sebastien Veronese

Celia Chu has been shortlisted for the Luxury Residence Asia Pacific Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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