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EHB by Esbeen Holmboe Bang
by Chris Shao Studio

EHB by Esbeen Holmboe Bang

by Chris Shao Studio

Shortlisted: Lobby / Public Areas Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

In the meticulous curation of EHB’s culinary narrative, Chef Esben Holmboe-Bang’s profound understanding of the intricacies behind remarkable food serves as the compass, a journey artfully navigated under the design stewardship of Chris Shao Studio.

EHB emerges as an eloquent composition that delicately balances the reverence for existing elements with an expression of contemporary aesthetics. The project is a testament to the artistry of materials, where each component contributes to an ambiance that encapsulates both tradition and modernity, skilfully orchestrated by Chris Shao Studio.

Guests are invited into the chef’s ‘living room’ for pre- and post-dinner conviviality, enhancing the overall engagement with the culinary journey. The open ceiling, with its exposed trusses and beams crafted through mortise-and-tenon construction, forms an integral part of the atmospheric backdrop.

To imbue the lounge with a sense of intimacy and purposeful functionality, the wine tasting room assumes a central role, creating semi-private enclaves for diners while fostering an atmosphere of intrigue. Its glass sides ensure visual continuity, utilizing the wine itself as a design element.

Within this luxurious realm, simplicity and natural elements take precedence. The synthesis of sleek wood, natural stones, raw-effect metals, and Venetian plaster finishes creates an effortlessly naturalistic environment. This dialogue between the organic and the refined extends throughout the space, echoing the subtle refinement of Norway and the historical blending of science and nature emblematic of China. Under the expert guidance of Chris Shao Studio, EHB emerges as a haven where culinary excellence converges with cultural nuances in a harmonious, refined setting.

Location: China

Interior Designer: Chris Shao Studio

Hotel Group: Holiland

Photography: Zhu Hai

Chris Shao Studio has been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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