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Tearoom by EHB
by Chris Shao Studio

Tearoom by EHB

by Chris Shao Studio

Shortlisted: Restaurant - Asia Pacific Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

Within Tearoom by EHB, the synthesis of Norway’s tranquility and China’s grandiosity unfolds under the meticulous curation of Chris Shao Studio, a distinguished interior design entity. This unique establishment offers a sensory journey where meticulously handcrafted Chinese teas, produced through ancient methods, harmonize with an array of desserts and select delicacies.

The design ethos, guided by Chris Shao Studio, revolves around a light and neutral palette that serves as a backdrop, allowing the culinary offerings and flavors to take center stage. Chinoiserie-style wallcoverings and mortise-and-tenon details, reminiscent of Chinese architectural traditions, pay homage to both the existing structure and the local vernacular. This homage is extended with classic Western paneling and flooring, skillfully integrating details that echo the mortise-and-tenon joints inherent in Asian architecture, juxtaposed against the contemporary furnishings indicative of Scandinavian design principles.

The motif of mortise-and-tenon details assumes paramount importance in the design, threading through the concept of the convergence of two cultures. This motif is subtly interwoven in the private dining room, where it acts as a unifying element between panels, manifests within the French-style flooring, and provides a striking contrast against the chinoiserie wallcovering, showcasing an innovative transformation from wood to bronze metal.

Delving deeper, the design narrative aligns with the philosophical components of both cultures, discovering a connection between the art of Chinese tea-making and the Chef’s culinary philosophy—both celebrating the essence of fine ingredients. The convergence becomes apparent, emphasizing a meeting point where the art of botanic medicine intersects with the harmony of science and nature. Under the stewardship of Chris Shao Studio, Tearoom by EHB emerges as a testament to meticulous design, culinary celebration, and cultural fusion.

Location: China

Interior Designer: Chris Shao Studio

Hotel Group: Holiland

Photography: Zhu Hai

Chris Shao Studio has been shortlisted for Restaurant – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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