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Reef & Beef - Downtown Dubai

by DBM

Finalist: The Elite Awards 2024

Elite Awards 2024

The Reef & Beef restaurant in Dubai is a project that represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, taking inspiration from the classic New York steakhouse while incorporating Arabesque influences. Designed by DBM, this fine dining establishment beautifully combines the heritage of New York steakhouses with Middle Eastern influences and the success of the existing Reef & Beef restaurants in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

The design aims to create a warm, cosy, and connected atmosphere, inviting guests to socialize and feel a sense of community. It captures the essence of a bygone era while catering to contemporary tastes, offering a classical iconic destination.

The restaurant features five distinct dining and bar experiences: The Grand Dining Gallery, The Reef Bar, The Manhattan, The Terrace, and The R&B Lounge. Seamlessly connected, these venues provide a cohesive and diverse space where customers can explore different atmospheres.

Upon entering, a 7-meter high space divides the room, leading to an arabesque archway on the left that opens into a 7-meter high wine cellar, while the right side boasts over 900 wine bottles. The quarter booth seating exudes a 1920s ambiance, guiding guests towards the magnificent chandeliers and the iconic New York wall of fame.

The design incorporates varying ceiling heights, ranging from 2.4 meters to an impressive 7 meters, creating a unique experience in each area. Meticulously chosen decorations and materials blend influences from New York, Germany, and the Middle East, harmonizing regional tones, designs, and materials. Stunning Persian-inspired tile works and Arabesque archways marries the design successfully with Eastern and Western influences.

Throughout the ground floor, display rooms showcase selected wines, a seafood raw bar, a dry-aged meat display, a cocktail presentation, and a live open grill cooking station. These features enhance the overall customer experience without overpowering the space.


Every seat in the restaurant is desirable, thanks to visual corridors that expose multiple design elements. Operational and back-of-house features are cleverly concealed within the design, allowing customers to focus solely on the culinary experience and the beauty of their surroundings.

Situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai, surrounded by skyscrapers and vibrant energy, the restaurant stands out with its dark facade, moody interiors, and historic elegance. Amidst a city known for ultramodern architecture, Reef & Beef offers a captivating divergence, enticing residents, tourists, and UAE nationals to savour a culinary journey that celebrates cultural blending and community.

Interior Designer: Mahsa Gholizadeh (DBM)

Hotel Group/Developer: Abu Dhabi National Hotels

Photography: Alex Jeffries Photography Group

DBM have been selected as a finalist for The design et al Elite Awards 2024. 


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