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Project Russet
by Dorin & Coppel

Project Russet

by Dorin & Coppel

Shortlisted: Interior Design Scheme - London Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Dorin & Coppel

Dorin & Coppel recently completed a remarkable project in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Their team worked diligently to convert a tired 2/3 bedroom apartment into an eclectic mid-century modern space suitable for a young and growing family.

The project encompassed a comprehensive overhaul, from initial concept design to full-scale renovation, with Dorin & Coppel also offering invaluable project management services. The objective was to breathe new life into a beautiful Victorian property and provide an interior that perfectly matched the family’s contemporary lifestyle.

A key element of the transformation was the introduction of custom-made Crittall windows. These windows not only added aesthetic charm but also created a new study space with a captivating view into the main living area. The interplay of light between spaces, enabled by these windows, vastly improved the overall atmosphere.

Throughout the apartment, Dorin & Coppel employed a brilliant selection of reclaimed flooring, furniture, doors, and joinery elements to impart a mid-century modern ambience. What sets this project apart is the meticulous curation of finishes, lighting, furniture, and joinery elements. Sourcing from various markets and reclaimed suppliers ensured a harmonious and consistent aesthetic throughout the living space.

Dorin & Coppel
Dorin & Coppel

The client’s clear design brief facilitated a fruitful collaboration with Dorin & Coppel’s interior design team, allowing for a smooth execution of their vision. As the property is situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Notting Hill, mere steps away from Portobello Road market, the design style seamlessly integrates with the local dynamic. The extensive use of reclaimed products aligns with a sustainable design ethos, reflecting the client’s commitment to environmentally conscious living.

Dorin & Coppel’s exceptional work on this project serves as a testament to their ability to breathe new life into classic spaces and infuse them with a vibrant and contemporary spirit. The transformation has created an eclectic, mid-century modern haven perfect for a young and growing family in the heart of Kensington & Chelsea.

Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Dorin & Coppel

Architect: Dorin & Coppel

Construction: Ramsay Construction

Photography: Chris Snook

Dorin & Coppel has been shortlisted for the Interior Design Scheme – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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