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Round House

Round House


Shortlisted: Interior Design Scheme - Europe Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024


The expertise of DOTS&POINTS shines through as they seamlessly integrated a round-shaped house into the stunning natural landscape while maximizing interior space and natural light.

In response to the recent pandemic-driven migration from the city, many families sought refuge in the Moscow region, resulting in a growing demand for transformed county houses into permanent family living spaces. DOTS&POINTS took on the challenge of reconstructing and renovating one such county house, with impressive results.

The original house, characterised by numerous small rooms with low ceilings and limited natural light, felt cramped and outdated. The client’s brief was clear: transform the space into a more spacious and functional dwelling. The new design included a spacious open-floor living room, kitchen, and dining area, a master bedroom with an en-suite, a kid’s room with an en-suite, as well as additional rooms such as a library, music room, playroom, guest room, office, and a basement with a technical kitchen.

While the house retained its distinctive round shape, the floor plans and interior areas were completely redesigned, allowing for efficient zoning while maintaining a sense of spaciousness. To further enhance the house’s appeal, a terrace was added, providing a perfect spot to enjoy warm evenings and picturesque views of the surrounding pine trees.


DOTS&POINTS artfully combined natural materials with modern design solutions, preserving the authenticity of the house’s shape. The unique twists and turns of the structure were emphasized using a carefully selected color palette, materials, and furniture shapes. The furniture choices, like Karim Rashid’s sofas from BoConcept, were tailored to fit the house’s unconventional shape, creating a harmonious and visually striking interior.

Natural materials such as wood and veneer were used extensively to maintain a connection with the surrounding environment. Vintage pieces of furniture, lighting, and ceramics were integrated into the design, adding a touch of character and charm to the interior.

DOTS&POINTS’ ability to blend innovative design solutions with the natural beauty of the region has resulted in a breath taking family retreat that harmonizes with its surroundings while offering modern comfort and style.

Interior Designer: Irina Kireeva

Architect: Irina Kireeva

Photography: Evgeny Kulibaba

DOTS&POINTS has been shortlisted for the Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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