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SO/ Maldives
by Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd

SO/ Maldives

by Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd

Shortlisted: Beach Hotel Award

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024

SO/ Maldives, designed by the renowned firm Eco-id, epitomises a seamless blend of SO/’s signature fashion glamour with contemporary tropical charm. Set on a private island in the captivating Emboodhoo Lagoon, this stylish retreat integrates castaway tranquillity with runway elegance. The avant-garde design, rooted in fashion and art, features villa interiors inspired by superstar makeup trailers, with sweeping mirrors and open-plan layouts.

Eco-id’s contemporary architecture, inspired by local contexts and infused with the bold, playful attitudes of the fashion world, brings a touch of magic, as if guided by an imaginary supermodel muse. The Arrival Building steals the spotlight, epitomising SO/’s essence. Its sleek design appears to float above the water, with expansive glass walls offering unobstructed lagoon views. The Vertical Runway, inspired by Chanel’s iconic Collection shows, resembles a hyperboloid rope structure enveloping a timber staircase, leading guests to breathtaking panoramas.

The public spine, conceived as a Haute-Couture runway, interweaves arrival, reception, bar, and lounge areas, transforming into a lively, illuminated destination at night. SO/ Maldives stands out within a nine-island archipelago, part of CROSSROAD Maldives, the first integrated lifestyle destination in the Maldives. This unique design redefines tourism, offering an accessible island-hopping experience.

Eco-id’s commitment to sustainability is evident in solar-powered facilities, recycled wastewater irrigation, efficient hot water production, and electric buggies. The guest rooms feature ceiling pieces woven from waste yarn, each a unique masterpiece. Solar panels on villa rooftops further highlight the resort’s eco-conscious dedication, allowing guests to enjoy luxury while preserving the environment.

Location: Emboodhoo Lagoon, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

Architect: Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd

Interior Design: Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd for all public areas and guest villas, excluding the F&Bs

Hotel Group/ Developer: Ennismore (Operator), S Hotels & Resorts (Developer)

Construction: ALIA Construction

Photography: SO/ Maldives

Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd have been shortlisted for the Beach Hotel Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2024.

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