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by Burdifilek Inc. & Amels


by Burdifilek

& Amels

Shortlisted: Interior Design Award Over 40 Metres

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

Renowned design firm Burdifilek has unveiled their latest project, the interior design of the 63-meter Limited Edition Amels yacht, “Entourage,” marking their inaugural venture into yacht design with a testament to understated luxury.

The yacht, a second acquisition for the client, presented Burdifilek with a meticulously detailed design brief. Ensuring a seamless and unified design language across all deck levels was paramount, aligning form, function, and finish throughout the vessel. A vibrant art collection owned by the client also significantly influenced the design, prompting a careful selection of complementary finishes to enhance and harmonise with the artwork.

With user-friendly and cohesive public spaces being a top priority, the design aimed for a fluid transition between various areas. For instance, the bridge deck salon seamlessly merges with the adjacent bridge deck exterior dining area, embodying a coherent design philosophy.

An integral aspect of the project lay in the thoughtful programming, allowing moments of visual respite for an immersive spatial experience. The entire journey, from initial yacht research to the minutest of design details, proved to be an exhilarating adventure for Burdifilek.

This groundbreaking project provided the design firm with an opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled fabricators, ensuring meticulous attention to custom design elements and room-specific details. Each deck was meticulously planned to avoid overprogramming, maintaining clear volumes and unobstructed spaces for confident furniture compositions.


The interior design of “Entourage” embodies an ethos of understated opulence. Burdifilek deliberately crafted an architectural language that exudes tranquillity, with finishes and detailing intentionally subdued to provide a serene backdrop. Every effort was made to seamlessly merge the interior with the exterior environment, allowing the yacht’s surroundings to take centre stage in the overall experience.

The success of Burdifilek’s maiden voyage into yacht interior design not only showcases their ability to adapt to diverse design environments but also highlights their commitment to crafting spaces that harmoniously blend sophistication, functionality, and aesthetic finesse.

Burdifilek Inc & Amels have been shortlisted for Interior Design Award Over 40 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

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