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Vibrant Family Villa
by Even Eleven

Vibrant Family Villa

by Even Eleven

Shortlisted: Residential Market Value £1M - £2.5M Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

In the pursuit of crafting a vibrant and characterful family villa, the  interior designer Even Eleven wielded complete design freedom to fashion a dwelling within the heart of a spacious 1930s neighborhood, a mere stone’s throw from Amsterdam. Situated amidst a protected village landscape, flanked by century-old characteristic villas and adjacent to a monumental wooden house, the villa was subject to stringent demands aimed at ensuring its quality and defining features harmoniously melded with the historic surroundings.

The overarching mission undertaken by Even Eleven was to shape a functional family residence that not only echoed the architectural style of the 1930s homes in the area but also infused a modern interpretation. This delicate balance was achieved through extensive historical research and a meticulous study of the stylistic nuances of neighboring properties. A noteworthy element of the design pays homage to a neighboring house, a creation of a renowned Dutch architect, distinguished by its historical significance and construction entirely from wood, a feature necessitated by its proximity to a nearby fortress and the imperative need for structures to be swiftly dismantled in the face of potential threats.

Within the realm of interior design, Even Eleven exercised complete creative freedom, departing from conventional palettes dominated by whites, grays, and beiges in favor of a daring combination of bold colors and materials. Playfulness became a central essence, with the kitchen positioned at the heart of the residence, featuring an island that doubled as a bar—a cherished locale for breakfast, work, and leisurely pursuits. While maintaining an open dialogue with adjoining living and dining spaces, each area retained its distinct aura of warmth and affection.

The success of the design lies in its refreshing nature, distinct flair, and vibrant aesthetics. While showcasing an array of exquisite objects, vintage gems, and art pieces, the residence transcends the ambiance of a museum, preserving a genuine sense of functionality tailored for family living. Comfort and warmth resonate throughout, ensuring the villa remains far removed from a mere showroom, embodying a true sanctuary for familial joy and togetherness.

Location: Netherlands

Architect / Interior Designer: Even Eleven

Construction Company: Van De Kolk Bouw B.V

Photography: Space Content Studio

Even Eleven has been shortlisted for Residential Market Value £1M – £2.5M Award Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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