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Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

Señora Tanaka CDMX

by Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

Finalist: The Elite Awards 2024

Elite Awards 2024
Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

The Señora Tanaka restaurant, situated on the bustling Masaryk Polanco avenue in Mexico City, is a remarkable example of avant-garde design. Filipao Nunes Arquitectos, the designer behind this project, has created a unique interior design that blends elements of Japanese architectural tradition with contemporary urban flair. The restaurant, covering an area of 8,395.85 square feet, is located on a single floor and boasts a clean and simple design with the clever use of lines, textures and materials.

The concept of Señora Tanaka is a tribute to the father of the owner, Mrs. Tanaka, who represents the nakki food and pays homage to her Japanese heritage. Mrs. Tanaka, a sophisticated and faithful representative of her culture, adds her own grunge and avant-garde touch to the interior design, creating a space that represents a new generation and evolution. The restaurant is a harmonious blend of gastronomy, architecture and interior design, bringing together these different disciplines to create a unique experience.

The access from the exterior lobby to the interior is through a mirror of water that reflects and frames the contrast between colors and textures, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Cherry trees are an essential element of the design, defining and unifying the architecture. The lighting design also plays a significant role in the space, creating a mystical and “zen” atmosphere, integrating the use of dry trees with the red color of their leaves and pieces of branches on the walls, and representing the high technology of Japanese streets with its corridor surrounded by folding screens.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos
Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

The restaurant’s design concept is an extroverted personality with energy, creating a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable.

In conclusion, Señora Tanaka restaurant is an outstanding example of the seamless integration of gastronomy, architecture, and interior design. Filipao Nunes Arquitectos has created a unique and avant-garde design concept that pays homage to Japanese culture and heritage. The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxing and mystical, bringing to life the textures and elements of Japanese architecture.

Photography: Aldo Gracia

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