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by Fuqua Architects


by Fuqua Architects

Shortlisted: Glasshouse Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Fuqua Architects

In a harmonious blend of nature and architectural prowess, Fuqua Architects has unveiled a captivating project that transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary journey. The property, accessed through a discreet side gate at street level, beckons visitors into a mesmerizing experience.

The journey begins with an expanding pathway guiding guests down the side yard to a newly crafted fountain terrace. A subtle sense of descent from the trellis room to the fountain terrace and further down to the floor of the Orangery creates a captivating spatial narrative. This intentional vertical distance establishes the Orangery as a complementary structure to the main house.

Fuqua Architects initiated the design with the installation of new doors connecting the trellis room to the fountain terrace. Stepping through the terrace’s stone balustrade, visitors are greeted with a panoramic view of the lower terrace, bridge, and creek sidewalks.

Strategically positioned at the highest point of the property, the Orangery seamlessly incorporates elements from the main house, ensuring a visual and architectural continuity. The design language incorporates details like shallow stucco treatments, trellis room rafter overhangs, French doors with arched circular panels, and painted wood Doric columns.

Fuqua Architects
Fuqua Architects

The result is a design that captivates guests with sweeping views along the creek’s long axis. The interior’s solid wall echoes the shapes of windows, adorned with high round windows that draw in natural light. The antique marble floor and low vaulted ceiling pay homage to the existing trellis room’s aesthetics, creating a seamless transition between spaces. Even the linear floor drains are thoughtfully integrated to channel water away without disrupting the visual harmony.

Fuqua Architects has succeeded in crafting not just a building but an immersive experience, where architecture dances with nature, and every detail is a brushstroke on a canvas of serene beauty.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

Interior Designer: Cathy Kincaid

Architect: Wilson Fuqua

Photography: Porter Fuqua

Fuqua Architects has been shortlisted for the Glasshouse Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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