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Connemara Home
by Geri Designs

Connemara Home

by Geri Designs

Shortlisted: Residential Market Value £1m-2.5m Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Geri Designs embarked on the creation of a luminous and inviting residence tailored for a family to savour their time in the picturesque setting of Ireland. Embracing the ethos of comfortable understated luxury, the design encapsulates a harmonious blend of visual intrigue and serene elegance.

Central to the design narrative is the incorporation of a double-height space and a mezzanine, infusing the abode with a sense of openness and architectural interest. The interplay of light and airiness pervades the home, resonating with the clients’ affinity for a natural ambiance. Deliberate use of predominantly natural materials further enhances the home’s organic aesthetic, fostering a seamless integration with its verdant surroundings.

While imbued with a light and bright ambiance, the design retains a subtle yet captivating visual allure, ensuring that the home exudes understated sophistication. Its seamless integration into the natural landscape is characterized by a restrained elegance, eschewing ostentation in favour of a tranquil and authentic atmosphere.

The clients’ admiration for the residence stems from its ability to harmonize with its environment without overpowering it, embodying a restrained elegance that resonates with the tranquillity of the locale. Geri Designs’ meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful selection of materials have culminated in a home that epitomizes the essence of refined living amidst the idyllic backdrop of Ireland.

Location: Ireland

Architect: MK Designs

Interior Design: Geri O’Toole

Photography: Ruth Maria Murphy

Geri Designs shortlisted for Residential Market Value £1m – £2.5m Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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