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Nomad 101
by Nomad Yachts

Nomad 101

by Nomad Yachts

Shortlisted: Interior Design Award Under 40 Metres

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards
Nomad Yachts

Nomad Yachts debuted its latest marvel, the Nomad 101, at the prestigious 2023 Dubai International Boat Show. Within a blink of an eye, this opulent vessel has become the quintessential choice for those seeking extended, leisurely voyages.

Crafted to set new benchmarks in maritime elegance and performance, Nomad Yacht’s design brief for the Nomad 101 encapsulated a meticulous blend of luxury, functionality, and eco-consciousness. The vessel was envisioned to offer an unparalleled onboard experience with a focus on several key aspects.

A defining feature of the Nomad 101 is its extensive use of glazing, allowing for breathtaking exterior views that seamlessly integrate with the yacht’s design. The spacious Flybridge, angled windscreen for enhanced navigation, and a forward terrace with bespoke loose furniture exemplify the vessel’s commitment to providing ample entertainment spaces and ease of access.

Distinguished by its eco-friendly ethos, the Nomad 101 proudly embodies an environmentally conscious design philosophy. From earthy-toned interiors crafted using ecologically significant materials to the reduced hull penetration and openable portholes, nearly all elements onboard have a sustainable background without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

The architectural brilliance of the Nomad 101 is evident in its remarkable features such as the Infinity terrace UD forward and the panoramic windows of the Owner’s Suite. The vessel’s full walk-around decks and elevated flybridge offer unparalleled vantage points, elevating the onboard experience to unparalleled heights of luxury and comfort.

Nomad Yachts
Nomad Yachts

However, Nomad Yachts’ commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at aesthetics. The Nomad 101 is a testament to efficiency and eco-consciousness. Its semi-displacement hull design ensures superior performance in rough seas while significantly reducing fuel consumption. Additionally, the yacht incorporates high-end materials, carefully sourced for their natural or recycled significance, further emphasising its ecologically astute design.

With its thoughtful space planning and blend of luxury, technology, and sustainability, the Nomad 101 stands as an emblem of Nomad Yachts’ unwavering dedication to pioneering the future of yacht design and maritime excellence.

Exterior Designer: Gulf Craft & Phathom Studio

Naval Architect: Andrew Wolstenholme

Interior Designer: Gulf Craft & Phathom Studio

Shipyard: Gulf Craft

Nomad Yachts have been shortlisted for Interior Design Award Under 40 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

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