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House Lucardi
by Natalie Bulwer Interiors

House Lucardi

by Natalie Bulwer Interiors

Shortlisted: Interior Design Scheme - Global Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Natalie Bulwer Interiors undertook a transformative project, converting a traditional residence on a prestigious golf course in Cape Town into a luxurious contemporary haven for a transnational family. The challenge was to meld the client’s Italian heritage with African elements while maintaining an uncluttered, spacious feel. The global appeal of South Africa’s property market made it an ideal location for international investment, and the demand for secondary homes prompted a need for a harmonious integration of diverse cultures and styles.

The complete renovation involved remodelling the kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas, with a keen focus on custom furnishing, styling, and art acquisition. Natalie Bulwer Interiors meticulously curated a local investment art collection, informing the sculptural aesthetic of bespoke furniture that harmoniously coexists with the space. The delicate balance between the textures in the artwork and carefully chosen furniture, alongside smooth hard surfaces, became a central tenet of the design.

The interior emanates an elegant, contrasting neutral colour scheme, adorned with warm tones and lush textures, creating a welcoming and opulent atmosphere. Collaborating with local manufacturers, the team redesigned the kitchen and bathrooms, emphasizing minimalist spaciousness with clean lines and high-quality materials. Performance fabrics on light furniture ensured practicality without compromising style.

Integral to the project was the sculptural furniture design, strategically placed to balance the visual weight of the living areas while complementing the featured artwork. The synthesis of organic shapes and textures with angular, sculptural forms and smooth surfaces defines the design’s success. Natural elements such as stone, marble, and wood, with warm tones and organic patterns, contribute to an intimate and luxurious environment.

A pivotal design concept was embracing the surroundings. Frameless glass stackable doors seamlessly connect the open-plan dining and living areas to the swimming pool and garden, optimizing natural light and fostering an indoor-outdoor living experience. The incorporation of a hedge not only provides privacy but also extends the scenic view of the golf course into the residence.

Collaborating closely with a stone specialist for the installation of stone vanities and commissioning sculptures by local artists, Natalie Bulwer Interiors ensured the interior exuded a unique character.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Interior Designer: Natalie Bulwer Interiors

Photography: Greg Cox

Natalie Bulwer Interiors has been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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