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Hunters M40
by Hunters Yacht

Hunters M40

by Hunters Yacht

Shortlisted: Motor Yacht Under 25 Metres

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

Baran Akalin, the interior and exterior designer of the Hunters M40 yacht, has orchestrated a vessel epitomizing sophistication and innovation. Embracing the ethos of contemporary maritime luxury, the interior operating system of the Hunters M40 yacht boasts state-of-the-art technology, meticulously integrated for an unparalleled experience. Featuring a fully touch-screen console and a dynamic lighting system responsive to voice commands and adaptable in color, the vessel sets a new standard in smart yachting.

The ingenious design incorporates practicality with elegance, offering multifunctional solutions to enhance comfort and convenience. Distinguishing itself in size and amenities, the Hunters M40 stands as the largest yacht under 12 meters in length, featuring three cabins, a WC, and a bathroom—a rarity within its category. The generous cabin height of 2 meters further enhances the sense of spaciousness and luxury. The vessel’s interior seamlessly merges with its surroundings, facilitated by folding doors and windows that unite the saloon and cockpit areas, augmented by a panoramic glass ceiling—an exclusive feature among yachts of similar dimensions.

Attention to detail pervades the interior aesthetics, with a deliberate avoidance of wooden materials in favor of a sleek palette comprising black, anthracite, and white hues. Water-resistant and stain-resistant surfaces ensure durability, while silk carpets add a touch of opulence. The exterior design features a sliding platform at the stern, maximizing the utility of the vessel’s compact footprint. Throughout, an RGB LED lighting system enhances both the ambiance and functionality of the Hunters M40, embodying a harmonious blend of luxury, technology, and practicality.

Exterior / Interior Design: Baran Akalin

Shipyard: Hunters Yacht

Hunters Yacht have been shortlisted for Motor Yacht Under 25 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

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