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Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation

Falcon 8X Cabin Harmony by Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation have been shortlisted for the Interior Design / VIP Completions Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

The Falcon 8X is Dassault Aviation’s flagship ultra-long range business jet. Though the elegant interior had been well received since its 2016 entry into service, change is inevitable in the design world. The Dassault design team used the opportunity to rethink the interiors considering today’s private aircraft owner tastes.

Design, of course, has always been important in a cabin, with comfort and functionality having major roles. These are even more important in a large-cabin jet because of the long distances travelled. To gain an accurate understanding of owner requirements, the design team consulted with business executives and applied their input to a new design.

Dassault Aviation

Space is always important but is also limited. Designers reshaped interior boundaries to eliminate angles, creating soft, flowing lines that increased the sense of spaciousness. Furniture and seating were reconfigured to add more curves which not only reinforced the overall soft flow of interior lines, but also increased ergonomic comfort.

The smooth integration of contemporary style and functionality was extended to the cabin equipment. Controls are hidden until activated by the wave of a hand. Displays are pleasingly integrated in a similar manner, always accessible and easy to use. Priority is given to personal device access which gives passengers seamless access to their world.

Dassault Aviation

Ambient mood lighting scenarios were added to the traditional white lighting system to help passengers avoid fatigue linked to passage between multiple time zones, a productivity enhancer. The fatigue factor was reduced even further by an upgrade to the already advanced acoustical insulation system. The 8X cabin is the quietest cabin engineering can achieve.

The things that can’t be seen were no less important to the designers. Productivity being the essence of business aviation, the latest broadband connectivity, high-speed access to internet and corporate networks, and fibre optic quality cabin networking for HD audio and video content are integrated in a way that makes it easy for passengers to work while in flight.

Dassault Aviation

From beginning to end this was a passenger-centric cabin reimagining of a world-class cabin. The fact that it is even more beautiful than before, is something the design team is very proud of.

Dassault Aviation

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