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Elan Yachts

Elan E6 by Elan Yachts

Elan Yachts has been shortlisted for the Sailing Yacht Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022.

Elan E6 is a 47ft performance cruiser, lightest and fastest yacht in it’s segment, and is the current flagship of Elan’s high-performance E Line range. It unifies technological aspects with aesthetics, which is the main objective of good industrial design. The yacht’s blend of high-quality materials complements its aggressive and sporty expression whilst portraying elegance and luxury.

Elan Yachts

Elan E6 was created for skilled and demanding sailors, that also want a high level of comfort and cruising advantages. This presents a return to the Elan’s DNA, with a big boundary push of her performance and aesthetics. The E Line is known for the active chine design, twin rudders and T-shaped keel, but the team at Elan and Humphreys Yacht Design also fine-tuned the new hull design to push the performance in various sailing conditions and all points of sail beyond what would be typically considered feasible for a yacht of this type.

The E6’s design finds success in all respects, but some elements truly male this yacht iconic. The coachroof window lines celebrate the heritage of Elan’s E Line, while the portlight fold gives the E6 a sporty line and an instantly recognisable look. In the interior, the main stairs in the saloon forecast the hexagonal motif of the interiors and are a centrepiece connecting it all. Instead of wood, the stairs are made of GRP, which carries Elan Yachts to completely new dimensions of design, ergonomics, and durability.

Elan Yachts

A key objective was to express the yacht’s dual-purpose ethos, luxury and performance, through the yacht’s look and feel, while keeping true to the established form of the E Line. Pininfarina took up the challenge in their own legendary style and nautical tradition. They gave the E6 a strong feel, using a few fluid lines for a unique look and masculine energy, while preserving the elegance in the silhouette. The result is a sailboat with pure shapes and a modern style, projected towards the future.

Elan Yachts

The nature of a sailboat is directly dependent on the environment, since its basic form is not only powered by the wind but exists at sea. The Elan E6 integrates the requirements of such an existence into the design, as well as adding its own aesthetics and sporty spirit. From a conservational perspective, Elan Yachts are committed to offer carbon neutral propulsion. Tthe E6 can be propelled with Oceanvolt electric saildroves, bringing a new dimension into cruising – zero emissions while running.

Naval Architect: Humphreys Yacht Design
Styling/Interior Designer: Pininfarina
Shipyard / Completion Centre: Elan
Others Involved: Gurit
Photographer Credit: Barbar Studio

Elan Yachts

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