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Jouin Manku

Jouin Manku

Kensho by Jouin Manku & The Italian Sea Group

Jouin Manku & The Italian Sea Group has been shortlisted for the Interior Design Award (Over 40 Metres) in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023.

Kensho is an invitation to be closer to nature. But it’s also the personal story of an enlightened explorer of ideas, and his quest to propose new forms of beauty, joy and profound pleasure of yachting; to revel in the spirit and thrill of navigation of the seas with all of its sensory splendour. Kensho is the embodiment of something that is new, personal, and ground-breaking.

Jouin Manku

The design team of Azure Yacht Design, Holger Schulze-Seeger, and Agency Jouin Manku dared to imagine more. Lead by their passionate and inventive client they designed a ground-breaking layout that sets a newly minted standard in superyacht functionality and luxury. Noble volumes flow uninhibited through 2.7 meters ceiling heights. Sight lines to the horizon are maximized in all four directions. Modularity and flexibility are incorporated to accommodate different moods and evoke a broad pallet of emotions. Kensho is more than a name; it is a philosophy, informing everything from the reconfiguration of space to the choice of materials and how they are formed.

Jouin Manku

The interiors of Kensho are the first foray for the studio Jouin Manku in the world of yachting. With bright eyed enthusiasm, they spent a lot of time listening to the owner speak about his quest for innovation in order to live better, to feel better, for his boat to make him at ease yet also lift his spirts and make him feel at home in nature and the sea.

The main and upper decks are an exercise in spaciousness and opulence. The generous ceiling heights are combined with full width rooms and unprecedented forward views. Multiple intelligent configurations for the furniture and rooms can allow for multiple experiences depending on the mood and desires of the owner or their guests. From moving dining tables and sofas to the flexibility of the owner’s suite, Jouin Manku blend function and design promoting unforgettable experiences.

Jouin Manku

Thinking of Kensho in its entirety, every aspect was designed intentionally and carefully, not underestimating anything, offering a choreography of emotions from space to space, with fluidity, but which continue to amaze and surprise. Kenshō is the embodiment of an inspired vision that furnishes an optimal sea voyage. A mix of form, function, and sensuality.

Interior Design: Jouin Manku

Exterior Design: Azure Yacht Design

Shipyard: Admiral Yachts – The Italian Sea Group

Photography: Eric Laignel

Jouin Manku

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