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Luxury Projects

Luxury Projects

MY Moonstone by Luxury Projects

Luxury Projects has been shortlisted for the Lighting Scheme Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022.

Luxury Projects Studio was asked to develop the Interior Design by Damen Yachting for the Amels LE200, and by accepting this challenge, had a real chance to express their creativity and utilise new ideas during the entire design process.

Luxury Projects

The brief was for a high end luxury interior, appealing to a large clientele. Based on a nearly fixed GA, Laura Pomponi and her team were still able to add features and finishes to the existing layout in order enhance guest comfort and crew service. LP tried to create a “timeless” style with the idea that the major innovative features (ceilings, lighting and walls) could represent the “basic” design of the new fleet Limited Edition 200, allowing easy further changes to match the clients’ tastes. Simplicity in architectural lines matched with contrast of materials and proper use of light, allowed Luxury Projects to create a timeless style with a real elegant, homely feeling.

One of the greatest challenges for this project was delivering it in less than four months – from creating a concept for a yacht build on speculation, trying to imagine and create the best interior selling points to the new owners and selecting all bespoke Luxury Projects designed loose furniture, lights, linens, accessories delivered in such a short amount of time successfully.

Luxury Projects

Throughout the yacht Luxury Projects created various displays of art, sculptures and paintings to truly make the owners feel like they’re at home. In this instance, the designers were able to get really creative with their lighting, with custom-made chandeliers and free-standing decorative lights. Part of the whole lighting scheme also included the custom-made decorative lamps which Laura Pomponi and her team designed from scratch with special finishes. The decorative lights all perfectly integrate with the wider scheme and furniture.

Luxury Projects

Innovation was best inspiration for Luxury Projects, it helped them with making design choices and matching colours. This translated itself in the use of several special materials and finishes. They also looked inwards, at their own heritage and mixed some great materials from the past with state of the art materials as decorative panels in furniture and walls in spaces for bathing and recreation.

Interior Designer: Luxury Projects – Laura Pomponi

Exterior Designer: Tim Heywood Design

Shipyard: Damen Yachting – Amels

Luxury Projects

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