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Laurel Way
by Katrina Caso Design

Laurel Way

by Katrina Caso Design

Shortlisted: Residential Market Value Over £5m Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

In the meticulous renovation of a mid-century Frank Weber residence in Beverly Hills, Katrina Caso Design undertook the task of seamlessly integrating the contemporary art and mid-century furniture cherished by the Clients in their NYC residence. The primary objective was to reimagine the existing furniture, creating a harmonious ambiance that directed attention toward the curated art collection. To achieve this, chairs and sofas were skillfully reupholstered in serene whites, neutrals, and earthy hues, contributing to a refined aesthetic.

To complement the client’s furniture collection, Katrina Caso Design thoughtfully introduced select French designs, invoking a connection to the client’s homeland. The challenge presented by the original red herringbone brick floors, initially perceived as an obstacle, was transformed into an asset, creating an ideal backdrop to showcase the diverse vintage pieces sourced from around the world. As the design puzzle pieces fell into place, the subdued textile palette allowed the distinctive forms of the furniture to take center stage.

The incorporation of a carefully curated plantscape within the interior not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also fostered a seamless connection with the natural California landscape beyond. The result is a masterful reimagining of the mid-century home, where Katrina Caso Design’s expertise transforms challenges into opportunities, creating a sophisticated and harmonious living space.

Location: LA, USA

Architect: Frank Weber and reimagined by Marmoi Radziner

Interior Designer: Katrina Caso

Construction: Katrina Caso Design

Photography: Trevor Tondro

Katrina Caso Design shortlisted for Residential Market Value Over £5m Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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