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Classic Contemporary
by Kitchen Architecture

Classic Contemporary

by Kitchen Architecture

Shortlisted: Kitchen Over £100,000 Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Kitchen Architecture

In a testament to the artistry of lifestyle design, Kitchen Architecture has seamlessly merged aesthetics with functionality in a recent project for a vibrant family. Tasked with transforming a living space into a hub for modern living, the design team meticulously translated the family’s aspirations into a space that not only caters to their daily needs but also enhances their quality of life.

The clients, a dynamic couple with two young teenagers, envisioned a space that transcended conventional kitchen norms. Their desire was for a sociable environment that promoted family togetherness—a space not just for cooking but for working, relaxing, and socialising. Kitchen Architecture responded by creating a space that facilitates all aspects of family life.

A key element in this transformation is the double island strategically positioned to define different zones for various tasks. One island is raised on elegant legs, adding a touch of sophistication and allowing the vintage oak-stained flooring to shine. The main island, a central workhorse, accommodates the hob, two sinks, and ample storage, fostering a seamless flow of communication between the cook and family members.

The design goes beyond mere functionality; it embraces warmth and sociability. The choice of colours, incorporation of natural materials, and retention of vintage oak-stained flooring contribute to an organic and inviting ambiance. The large oak bridging bar, stained in vintage oil, not only serves as an informal dining spot but also connects the space to the formal dining and soft-seating areas.

Kitchen Architecture
Kitchen Architecture

The result is a kitchen that not only meets the demands of daily life but elevates the act of cooking and dining into a shared experience. This project stands as a testament to Kitchen Architecture’s commitment to creating spaces that not only meet but exceed their clients’ expectations.

Location: London, UK

Photography: Darren Chung

Kitchen Architecture has been shortlisted for the Kitchen Over £100,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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