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by Kristin Dittmar Design


by Kristin Dittmar Design

Shortlisted: Luxury Residence Americas Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

In the endeavor to craft an ideal ski retreat for the clients, the accomplished interior designer, Kristin Dittmar, orchestrated a residence tailored to the preferences of an active family with adolescent children. The clients sought not only the comfort inherent in a well-lived home but also the provision of individualized spaces for each family member. Executed under the aegis of Kristin Dittmar Design, this project represents a synthesis of meticulous design and thoughtful execution.

The undertaking proved to be an exceedingly gratifying venture for Kristin Dittmar Design, as the clients graciously afforded the team unfettered creative latitude to breathe life into the residence. Commencing with a blank canvas, the project enabled the team to accentuate and showcase the intricacies of design-build elements with a profound emphasis on innovation.

A pivotal factor contributing to the project’s success was the clients’ unequivocal trust, which bestowed upon the team the liberty to fashion an exemplary Ski Chalet/Home that seamlessly fused functionality, warmth, and hospitality. Diverse textures and natural stones, evocative of mountain landscapes, were judiciously employed to harmonize with the topography, while the design introduced an element of elevation, enhancing panoramic views of the expansive Rocky Mountains.

The project’s aesthetic cohesion was further underscored by the meticulous incorporation of diverse textures and natural stones, mirroring the rugged allure of mountain landscapes. Of particular note was the recreation room, imbued with a captivating moody ambiance, and the discerningly selected lighting fixtures that lent a distinctive character to the residence. The bespoke marble fireplaces, specially designed for the project, stood as exemplars of exquisite craftsmanship and refinement. In sum, Kristin Dittmar’s adroit orchestration resulted in a ski home that seamlessly melded aesthetic sophistication with functional pragmatism, epitomizing the pinnacle of alpine living.

Location: Colorado

Architect: Mountain Modern Architects

Interior Design: Kristin Dittmar

Developer: Sweeny Construction

Photography: Brooke Casillas

Kristin Dittmar Design has been shortlisted for Residential Project Value Over £20m Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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