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Liberty Entertainment Group

Don Alfonso 1890

by Liberty Entertainment Group

Finalist: The Elite Awards 2024

Elite Awards 2024
Liberty Entertainment Group

The new Don Alfonso space on the 38th floor of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel is airy, elegant and modern in design. It’s not just the visual effect of the city and water view that greets your eyes when you enter.

To create a top tier establishment, every last detail had to appeal to the most discerning eye. Working with the natural lighting of the room allowed for a play on mood as the room transforms from natural to cleverly textured lighting. This transition creates drama and allure during the duration of the dining experience. The space is a wealth of design details that keeps you riveted at all times.

Nadia Di Donato, VP & Creative Director of Liberty Entertainment Group, is an avid art lover and a believer that fine art is like an accent piece of jewellery. Signature to her design work is her inclusion of individually curated or commissioned art pieces tailored to reflect the personality of the space, elevating the dining experience by adding originality and intrigue.

Nadia always likes to incorporate one controversial item into the design scheme. She believes that it generates a conversation between guests. The original Don Alfonso restaurant was designed around a signature Crane and Butterfly sculpture by renowned artist Philippe Pasqua. The skull in combination with its beautiful butterflies depicts ‘the end’ transforming into a ‘new beginning’. To continue the prevalent theme of the transformation of a butterfly, and in essence the restaurant, Damien Hirst’s latest works ‘The Empresses series’ felt like a perfect installation. Magical in this specific setting, the crystal dust butterfly motif visually transforms depending on the time of day and lighting in the room.

Liberty Entertainment Group
Liberty Entertainment Group

As a restaurant designer, Nadia feels it is as important to put as much thought into design as you would into food. Of course, the most significant part of providing the experience is ensuring people feel your intended design goal. Rather than conforming to the latest trending palettes, the design incorporates colours, textures, materials, lighting, etc that specifically translate to the intended feel of the space. Creating a striking atmosphere is always the icing on the cake. Somehow it just manages to make the food taste even better!

Interior Designer: Nadia Di Donato

Hotel Group: Westin Hotel Group

Photography: A-Frame Studio

Liberty Entertainment Group have been selected as a finalist for The design et al Elite Awards 2024. 

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