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Luxury Farmhouse
by Nazem Rose Design

Luxury Farmhouse

by Nazem Rose Design

Shortlisted: Residential Architectural Property Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Situated in the serene countryside of Ontario, Lorne Rose Architect and Nazem Rose Design Inc. have meticulously crafted a remarkable residence, embodying the quintessential features of a modern farmhouse. This exceptional home seamlessly merges classic and contemporary design elements, epitomizing elegance and rustic charm. Nestled on a vast property, the farmhouse boasts a negative-edge pool overlooking a tranquil natural landscape, complemented by extensive wall-to-wall windows that invite abundant natural light and picturesque views.

The architectural design, characterized by pitched roofs, grand stone archways, stylish window shutters, plaster-like wall finishes, aged and brushed brass accents, and exposed reclaimed wood beams, creates a harmonious living space that mirrors the clients’ relaxed aesthetic. Nazem Rose Design Inc. has intricately designed the expansive entryway, featuring a herringbone brick floor and antique wooden doors leading to the powder room and walk-in closet. The incorporation of soft textures, such as rattan inlays on closet doors and organic linens for seating and pillows, adds warmth to the natural finishes.

The home includes several distinctive features: a mud room with a dedicated dog washing and grooming area, a flower-cutting alcove, a second kitchen with ample storage, a golf simulator room, a music room, a gym, and a home theatre. A small gateway arch leads to the garden, poetically framing the view.

The success of the design lies in its ability to create an intimate atmosphere within a spacious house by incorporating proportionate archways, wooden beams, and natural textures. Surrounded by acres of scenic beauty and majestic farmlands, the design effortlessly blends the interior with the exterior, achieving a perfect harmony between the two.

Location: Schomberg, Ontario

Architect: Lorne Rose Architect

Interior Design: Nazem Rose Design Inc

Photography: Mike Chajecki

Nazem Rose Design has been shortlisted for the Residential Architectural Property Award  in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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