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Apartments for Art connoisseur
by o2Design Moscow

Apartments for Art connoisseur

by o2Design Moscow

Shortlisted: Living Space - Europe Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

The client contacted 02Design Moscow following the publication of one of their projects in a magazine, presenting it as a reference for their own home. The objective was to decorate the apartment in a modern classic style, characterized by a neutral backdrop enhanced with moldings, complemented by color and art from the client’s collection. Additionally, the project involved the interesting challenge of designing the terrace located on the second level.

The apartment offered the unique opportunity to install a wood-burning fireplace, for which the client acquired an antique portal. A section of the living room was designated as a home cinema area, where the acoustics were concealed within a closet rack and the screen was seamlessly integrated into the ceiling.

Access to the terrace from the living room posed a structural challenge, as the floor could not support a monolithic staircase. Consequently, 02Design Moscow decided to install a spiral staircase adorned with elegant wrought iron railings, which became the focal point of the project.
The guest bathroom was another notable feature, almost entirely decorated with painted glass, a design concept the firm had long aspired to realize. This design is timeless, allowing the client the flexibility to switch furniture from contemporary to classic styles or to remove the art entirely while maintaining the interior’s relevance.

Overall, 02Design Moscow successfully created a sophisticated and adaptable space, merging modern classic aesthetics with personalized elements, ensuring the interior remains timeless and versatile.

Location: Moscow

Interior Designer: o2Design Moscow

Photography: Sergey Ananiev

o2Design Moscow has been shortlisted for the Living Space – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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