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Rancho Sabino Grande
by Peace Design

Rancho Sabino Grande

by Peace Design

Shortlisted: Luxury Residence Global Award

The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024

Nestled along the Sabinal River in the picturesque expanse of the Texas Hill Country, an expansive ranch estate commands attention with its vast stretches of land and panoramic vistas reminiscent of the Serengeti. Functioning both as a primary residence and a venue for grand gatherings, this abode seamlessly marries opulent splendour with the comforts of everyday family life.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic blend of international lifestyles, Spanish and African influences, as well as the rich tapestry of Texas history, the interior design ethos is deeply rooted in the natural elements that adorn the property.

Despite its recent construction, the residence evokes an era when unparalleled craftsmanship and the utilization of precious materials were the hallmarks of enduring homes. Entrusted with the singular directive to evoke a sense of curated antiquity, the interior designer embarked on a five-year odyssey across the globe to procure an array of finishes and furnishings that impart a sense of collected heritage.

Within these walls, a symphony of European antiques, period carpets, contemporary artworks, and Texan masterpieces converge to create an atmosphere of refined sophistication. Luxurious textiles such as silk velvets and supple leathers juxtapose against the rustic allure of stone, wood, and iron, while bespoke furnishings invite moments of contemplation amidst the awe-inspiring landscape framed by bronze-clad windows.

Every aspect of the interior, from the curated library spanning various languages and subjects to the meticulously sourced artworks adorning the walls, harmonizes seamlessly with the architectural grandeur and natural surroundings. Indeed, the interior design transcends temporal boundaries, serving as a testament to the enduring marriage between human artistry and the untamed beauty of the land.

Location: Texas, USA

Architect: Michael G. Imber Architects

Interior Design: Peace Design

Construction: Sebastian Construction Group

Photography: William Abranowicz

Peace Design has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2024.

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